This year’s theme is ‘Voice Treaty Truth’

Monday July 1 saw SJC celebrate NAIDOC Day (the official day of which fell during the holidays). We were privileged to have the Jellurgal Dance Group perform for the students. They spoke about the traditional land upon which we meet each day and gave students the opportunity to perform. During the ceremony, a number of indigenous students were acknowledged for the work they are currently doing around the school.

We also had the opportunity to thank Bianca Gardner, mother of Jedda. Bianca is an accomplished artist and of her own accord, painted an image for the College titled ‘Women’s Business at SJC’. I cannot thank Bianca enough for this very generous act and I have included the image, and story of the painting, below for all to admire. The painting will be mounted in the College Conference Room for members of the SJC community and visitors to enjoy.

‘Women’s Business at SJC’

See a few photos from the day here: