St Joseph’s College Library houses a great variety of resources including Reference, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Magazine and Newspaper print items. An online resource collection is available to students through Overdrive. The Library has a large audio-visual collection and administers Clickview and Enhance TV for all staff and students.

Printing, photocopying and scanning machines for student use are in the Library and students get an allocated budget to spend on printing each semester. The Library houses the College Textbook collection and textbooks are administered through the Library system. Students also come to the Library to access help for Technology problems.

The College Library is open each day from 8 in the morning until 3.10 but is closed at Recess. Students have access to the Library throughout the day and at lunchtimes for research, reading and school work. Senior study lessons also take place in the Library.

Students who wish to remain at school after 3.10 from Monday through to Thursday can attend the HOMEWORK HUB which takes place in a classroom and is supervised by Teacher Aides until 5 pm with Mathematics teachers available in the Homework Hub on Thursday afternoons.

For more Library information Login to Oliver from the Link below. 

Link To Oliver – LibraryLogin